Saturday, July 23, 2011

Huckin' Before a Storm

I went out to the the field and met Shawn (GravityCheat) at the gate just as he was leaving... last one out. I took out my 48" EF Extra EXP to fly, plugged in the battery, then looked up at the rapidly darkening sky and discovered the reason why my dad and I were the only ones at the field. So, we packed up the balsa plane and equipment so if the storm rolled in too quickly we wouldn't be scrambling in the rain and wind to pack everything into the car... I've had more than my fair share of those. I wasn't too pleased with not being able to fly, but the storm seemed far enough away that I could get a flight in on the foamie before leaving... and if I was wrong, packing up the small plane and battery would be childs' play and could be done in about a minute.

I pulled the radio back out of the car, grabbed a 2S 450, plugged it in and flew as my dad filmed. I wasn't halfway done with the flight when my dad shut the camera off yelling "Okay, let's go". I was about done having fun anyway because the plane wasn't going anywhere... forward at least. I plopped it onto the ground and held full down to hold it there as the wind picked up to gale force. I proceeded to run to the pits and car to pack up the batteries and plane. The winds continued to pick up and while running to the car, cautious not to let the foamie fly from my grasp, my hat blew off! I quickly started packing everything up as my dad ran after my hat. Once everything was put away, we grabbed the camera once again to shoot some B-Roll of the approaching squall.

And now, your featured presentation:

--Tom K.

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