Sunday, February 12, 2012

*All-New Twisted Hobbys 32" Extra Slick

The Twisted Hobbys Xtra Slick is what made Twisted Hobbys an awesome company. It was built well, relatively regid, flew amazing, was inexpensive, and easily repairable. But now, Twisted Hobbys went and did it... they somehow improved upon the Xtra Slick's already amazing design, and... it's... AWESOME!!!

Made from wire cut foam, the New Extra Slick is extremely regid, light, responsive, and very attractive. It flies extremely precise, goes where you point it, can do any trick in the book, and still gives you the warm and fuzzy feeling of flying a foamie. With EPP foam trusses to eleminate twist from the Slick's fuselage's vocabulary, a new 1800kv motor with insane power, and a tested Extra Slick design... this plane is at the top of the list.

With the Extra Slick, the search is over. The new design makes this "foamie" fly like a high-class extreme aerobatic balsa plane... without taking a hugh bite out of your wallet, time, or resources. It flies like a balsa, but wrecks like a foamie... with a little bounce.

Now without further adue, The Extra Slick:

--Tom K.