Thursday, July 14, 2011

Edge 540T SH-0255MG Servo Review

As a follow up to my Unboxing review of my New Extreme Flight Edge 540T EXP, I only see it fit to write a flight review on this amazing aircraft and its setup.

After getting a few flights in on the new Edge, I realized that the set-up I am using has got to be one of the best setups for this plane. For a motor I'm using the Motrolfly 2820-750 with their FM-80 Amp ESC and U-BEC. This power combo provides enough power for 3D, and an extreme amount of torque and vectored thrust thanks to the big 14x7E APC propeller. For servos of course I am using a Savox SH-0255MG servo on all surfaces. These are outstanding little powerhouses with 54 oz/in of torque on 6 volts. Not to mention they provide the torque and speed needed to adequately swing the huge elevator around without having to modify the servo hole for a larger servo.

The Servos:
I'm using Savox SH-0255MG Digital micro servos on all control surfaces on the Edge. They run cool, provide insane torque, are quick, and the ones in my other planes are lasting a long time. Again, like with the Extra 300 EXP, people have been experiencing Blow-back (which is when the servo gets "blown back" by the air pushing the big elevator) with the Hitec HS-65MG and are replacing the 65MG with the larger, more powerful HS-85MG. The only problem is since the HS-85MG is a physically bigger servo, you would need to open up the servo hole to get it to fit in the airframe.  However, with the SH-0255MG you don't have that issue because it is just about the same size as the HS-65MG, mounts in the same mounting holes, provides 23 more ounces of torque than the 65MG and five more ounces of torque than the 85MG, is .01 seconds faster than the 85MG, and is digital making every movement the servo makes extremely precise.

Some people have tried the Hitec HS-5065MG, which is the digital equivalent to the HS-65MG. However, it still does not provide the torque needed to swing the big elevator, and is more expensive than the Savox SH-0255MG.

Based on these facts, it was a no-brainer for me to go with the SH-0255MG's once again.

The Airframe:
The Edge was astonishing from the get-go. Beautiful red, white, and blue color scheme, big control surfaces, and an easy build. The build probably took under five hours, and the setup took a couple of hours and it was ready to go.

On the maiden flight I took off and had it trimmed in about 30 seconds. A few clicks of elevator and aileron and it was flying true.  I landed and moved the battery around to adjust the CG to my liking and took off again. Knife Edge (KE) mixing was minimal, and almost unnecessary. The Edge flies straight and true.

The Edge is incredibly solid in the air, yet extremely maneuverable and nimble. It spins itself into a knot and stops on a dime. The big stable Edge wing design allows it to land at next to no airspeed. Also, there was no wing rock whatsoever with the big SFG's (Side Force Generators) installed. I have not flown the Edge without them.

To sum it all up I couldn't be happier with the way the Edge came out. Extreme Flight did an excellent job designing and manufacturing the aircraft, Motrolfly makes an excellent motor, and Savox provided the most precise and strongest servos on the market for this size range and price.  I highly recommend this setup for anyone purchasing one of these magnificent airframes!

Dim the lights please...

--Tom K.

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