Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Second Look

Well the video of the Godfrey the other day was a little short and had a lot of cuts in it. I know a lot of people out there aren't a big fan of having a whole lot of cuts in a flying video because they wan't to see more flying and less editing. So I decided to re-import all the footage and take a second look at what I had from that day. The video is a bit longer at 7 minutes, but it still has good flying. I also re-cut some production music for different feels throughout the video. So go ahead, sit back, relax, and enjoy this second look at the Godfrey Extra 300.

--Tom K.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

New Godfrey Video

Well we brought the Godfrey back out to the field yesterday and the weather was perfect. We had a beautiful sky backdrop, minimal wind (however it did pick up now and then as thunderstorms loomed nearby), and the beautiful, manicured field to ourselves! It was a great day!

After about 25 flights I'm really starting to settle in with this plane. It was a little odd stepping up from flying four foot wingspan planes to seven foot wingspan planes, and jumping from 3 pounds to 19. I tuned in the setup and got it just the way I like it, and we managed to shoot some decent video yesterday. I was practicing a lot of high alpha stuff, and I think it looked okay.


--Tom K.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Better Godfrey Video

Wow, did I really post the video that's more suckish? Hmm... well here's the better one. A bit less editing, and I used my other computer to edit and it has a better editor and saved it in higher quality. I then uploaded it to Vimeo because I didn't want 5 videos of the same flight on my youtube channel. Anyway, here's a better video than the one below, and hopefully sometime this week we'll get out to the field and get some more. I'm getting more used to this plane and it's a blast!

Godfrey 27% Extra 300 Electric from Thomas Kitt on Vimeo.

--Tom K.