Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Hey Everyone. Sorry I haven't been much fun lately, but my computer with my video editor is in the repair shop and I haven't heard from the guy in a while. Hopefully I'll get it back soon. Until then, let me give you a quick update about what projects I'm working on.

First off, I'm almost done completing my flight setup of my new 60" Extreme Flight Edge 540T EXP with Savox SH-1250MG servos and a Motrolfly 4315-480kv motor swinging a 16x8 XOAR prop on 6S. The Motrolfly provides an insane amount of power. The Edge flies amazing! I'm off this week so I'll probably get the Knife Edge mixing set up soon (it doesn't need much). Finally the Savox servos are running great! Smooth, quick, and plenty of torque. It's a pretty sweet setup if you ask me. Once I get my computer back I'll do my regular Savox and setup article and video highlighting the features of the setup I'm running.

I'm using 6S 3300mAh batteries and I get about 5:30 minutes of flight time with about 20-25% of the battery left flying hardcore 3D & extreme aerobatics. However that's not a final time yet as I'm still in the setup stage and am still setting up my ESC, so the flight time may change/get longer. I've been using Sky Lipo 6S 3300mAh 30-60C batteries, and later tonight or tomorrow I'm going to solder my connectors onto the new Gens Ace 25C 3300mAh 6S battery that arrived in the mail earlier this week.

Once we get this project out of the way, I'll get started on my next: an Electrifly Citabria. That article will most likely be on modelairplanenews.com. Hopefully I'll get my computer back soon and I can get back into the flow of things.

--Tom K.

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