Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Twisted Hobbys Xtra Slick__Night Huckin'

So I saw Twisted Hobbys' video of the new light kit they came out with for the Xtra Slick, and I had to get one just to try it out. Now that I have it, I can honestly say it is completely awesome! It weighs 1.75grams and I can bet almost all the weight is in the 3" wire lead that goes to the receiver, because the wires that run the length of the wing to the sesame seed sized LED's are ultra small.

The LED's are super bright! Two blue lights get hot-glued to the bottom half of the SFG and two white ones to the top half. They shine back on the plane illuminating it as if it was daytime. With this kind of setup, you don't have to fly by light strips, and they get confusing, "Okay... so red's on the top, blue's on the bottom... they point towards the front so I should pull up and... whoops..." Yeah, confusing. But not with this setup.

Unfortunately, my camera isn't all that great so the quality is rather poor, but it came out okay despite the quality. Pink Floyd makes it all better :). This was taken in my front yard about an hour ago. The only thing about flying in the yard is we have this gigantic tree in the middle of it and the branches reach down to about 10-15ft so I have to fly under them. Check it out!

--Tom K.

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