Sunday, September 11, 2011

Edge #2

After purchasing an Extreme Flight Edge 540T EXP 48", I decided it was one of the best planes I've ever flown, so I decided to get another. The first one is my dad's anyway. So the second time around I went with one of the best power combo's and equipment setups for this plane.

For a motor, I'm running the Motrolfly 2820-750 with 680Kv and a 14x7 on 4S 2800mAh G-Force 30-40C LiPo packs. It pulls about 45 amps and turns 8300RPM. This provides insane power and plenty of propwash from the big 14" prop and it literally rockets out of a hover.

I wanted a really precise handling plane, so I went with Savox SH-0257MG servos on the ailerons and rudder because they have 31oz/in of torque and 0.09 seconds speed. They are digital and incredibly precise and fast. On the elevator, since it requires a servo with more torque, I went with the Savox
SH-0255MG. This provides 54oz/in of torque at 0.13 seconds speed, and is still incredibly precise because it is a digital servo.

Otherwise, I'm using my trusty DX7 with an AR6200 receiver. Everything runs smooth and required minimal Knife Edge mixing. Here's the video from yesterday. I think my dad started filming on the third flight. The plane is so new it still doesn't have any decals. After this weekend, I'm going to go over it once more with the trim iron and then apply my custom vinyl decals by Flip Flop Graphics.


--Tom K.

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