Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Extreme Flight Edge 540T EXP__Black Magic Huckin'

Well I decided to experiment a little bit with my setup on the Edge, and here's what I came to. Last year in 2010, I flew a lot of Giant Scale (1/4 scale) planes to start flying in IMAC. When flying the bigger planes, it is best to use a small amount of expo because the surfaces have such a big effect that having a lot expo can make it harder to make crisp, precise maneuvers.  I decided to start backing the expo (from around 70%) down and I found that around 40% for ailerons and elevator and 30% for rudder works well. With less expo, you feel more connected to the plane because your inputs are immediately felt in the air.

After changing my setup, I saw that my snaps were smoother and more precise, as well as my point rolls and slow rolling turns. Also, harrier rolls (also knowns as "rollerz" or "rolling harriers") were easier to do as the tail surfaces were responding quicker giving me better, faster control. This allowed me to increase the nose up attitude of the plane to slow the roll rate. In the video below, I do a mix of 3D and precision maneuvers. Sure, my precision isn't that good as I'm a little rusty, but I was satisfied with the setup changes, and this is where they will stay. I even changed the setup in my Extra to the same and it flies a lot better also.
Here is the video of my Edge with the new setup:

--Tom K.

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