Sunday, April 17, 2011

3DHS Velox VR-1 Savox Servo Review

Hey Everyone!  Here's another quick run-down on the Savox SH-0255mg servos.

I recently replaced the Hitec HS-65MG servos with Savox SH-0255mg servos in my 3D Hobby Shop Velox VR-1.  I was utterly amazed at how much more precise my Velox became after switching servos!  These servos are digital, have almost twice the torque as the HS-65's, are only a few bucks more, and they fit in the same mounting holes!

Installation of these servos is a breeze. The leads coming off the servos are longer than the Hitec's by a few inches, therefore eliminating the need for the tiny, yet expensive servo lead extentions. The SH-0255mg's easily drop into the wing of the velox, and the wire runs all the way out of the wing and into the receiver mounted below the wingtube. 

The performance of my Velox has significantly improved since switching to Savox. The maiden flight with these servos was amazing. A few clicks of trim and that was it.  Also, when I gave a control input, it gave me what I wanted, and held it strong.  Not to mention the servo brought the surface right back to center making the exits of maneuvers much more crisp and clean.

The Savox SH-0255mg servos make your plane handle better, therefore making you look like a better pilot.  No more correcting in level flight because the servo isn't centering. No more sloppy corrections after exiting a spin.  Just smooth, reliable performance.

Below I have embedded a video. Enjoy!

--Tom K.

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