Saturday, February 26, 2011

Savox SH-0255MG Servo Review

The Savox SH-0255MG servo is a Micro digital servo with metal gears. The SH-0255MG has 54 oz-inches of torque on six volts, and weighs 15.8 grams. It features an aluminum case for cooler operating temperatures, strong metal gears, and the reliability and centering capability of a digital servo. In addition, this servo will fit in most electric 3D airplanes of the 47"-52" size range due to its small size.

Savox has been in the servo market for quite some time, and is a big servo brand in the RC car market. Although Savox has been in the USA for only a few years, they are emerging into the flight market with their high quality and reliable products.

The SH-0255MG servo is just one of Savox's long line of micro digital servos. It uses metal gears for strength and reliablity, and featuring 54.2 inch ounces of torque and a cool running aluminum case, this servo is a heavyweight when it comes to lightweight micro servos. Ball bearings keep things running smooth on the inside, and a wide variety of control arm styles and lengths gives the pilot options regarding their personal set-up on the outside.

Out of the Box:
Out of the box, the shipping box that is, you just sit and stare in amazement. First of all, the clear plastic boxes for the individual servos provides you with a clear view of the servo itself, the specifications on the back, and attractive design of the Savox logo. Once you tear open the protective wrapping and pop open the crisp, clear box, you will see the great looking Savox decals and a plethora of servo arms. Next, grab a scissor and cut the thin bungee that holds the servo securely during shipping. Now that you have everything out of the box, take it and use it to organize your flight box.

In the Air:
In the air these servos perform perfectly. They are fast, authoritative, and precise. When you give full deflection, you get full deflection; when you give center stick input, you get center. Not only do they hold center and full deflection, but they hold it strongly and precisely because of the high torque and digital centering veracity.  Having high torque and precision control is essential to 3D and precision aerobatics.

In Conclusion:
In conclusion the Savox SH-0255MG servo is a High Torque Digital Micro Servo that is competitively priced, and compatible with a huge variety of performance planes in the 47-52 inch wingspan market.

--Tom K.

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